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We are the area's premier and longest running fitness, strength & conditioning and athletic perfomance facility as well as a combat sports and self defense training facility.

We produce life changing results for every participant that trains with us, with motivating coaching and fundamental Strength & Conditioning training. Our tailored daily workouts are challenging, exciting and fun, for anyone at any fitness level.

Impact Zone is dedicated to helping individuals achieve and maintain fitness excellence. Our programming and training just flat out works. Our training methods allow you to increase your general physical and mental preparedness and overall quality of life.  Simply put, we build real-world strength. At Impact Zone, we call it strength beyond strength.

Impact Zone places a premium both on physical fitness and emotional well-being. Physical fitness is achieved not just by going through workout routines but by starting at the core of the body, strengthening it and moving through the body muscle group by muscle group.

We create an environment where our members communicate, connect and share fitness and life experiences. At Impact Zone, we are family not just members.

The synergy created by increasing core strength and conditioning and enhancing the mental state within the family environment creates a primal and holistic approach to whole-body well being.

Real Training - Real Fitness - Real Results!!