Impact Zone offers strength and conditoning classes and incorporates it into all of our training programs.  In addition, we routinely work with individuals in tailoring strength & conditioning programs specific to his or her needs.

Effective strength training involves aspects of Powerlifting that tests absolute strength, Olympic weightlifting that involves speed, power, coordination, agility, accuracy and balance and Strongman, which involves real-world strength, speed, endurance, and metabolic conditioning.

Finding an effective routine that combines multiple compound exercises with functional strength exercises generates the type of hard body, flexible limbs and strong core that everyone wants.

It is important to integrate exercises into your routine that stimulate functional fitness, which is strengthening the body in ways that enable you to deal with real-life situations.  For example, using all types of fancy machines that each isolate a different body part is not nearly as effective as building a steel core of strength by pushing a power sled with weights or flipping a tractor tire.  

These types of effective and well-balanced routines utilize compound exercises in a way that embrace the concept of progressive overload.  This basically means that you continue to gradually increase the overload and intensity on your muscles for short periods of time in order to stimulate maximum muscle growth and strength.

This concept means you work harder, but utilize effective routines of shorter duration.  It is not necessary to work out hours each day every day.  In fact short, intense strength training routines are by far the most effective way to safely build the body you want.