Kickboxing is not only a competitive martial art, but also an extremely effective form of self-defense. In addition, it gives you an excellent whole-body workout due to the intensity of the sport.  Impact Zone kickboxing coaches have competitive experience with some of the coaches and members competing at the regional or national level.

Impact Zone teaches basic as well as advanced techniques in kickboxing.  As the name implies, there are 2 fundamental techniques: kicking and boxing (or punching) with most of the punches the same as used in boxing.  Basic punches such as the jab, cross, jab-cross combo, upper cut and hook are taught as well as basic kicks including the roundhouse kick, front kick and side kick.

The basic techniques of kickboxing are used in various combinations to take your kickboxing game to the advanced level.  The student continues to learn to use the head, fists, elbows, knees and feet to expand his/her kickboxing repertoire while getting an excellent core workout. The advanced kickboxers spar full-contact and often compete if they desire to.

At Impact Zone, a student can work at his or her own desired pace or intensity level, whether that is simply learning basic moves for self-defense or training competitively.  In addition, students are not allowed to spar or compete until they have a sufficient understanding of the basics of kickboxing.

Impact Zone offers mixed martial arts (MMA) training for those individuals wanting to learn the sport as well as for those who want to begin or advance their fighting career.  It is vital that an MMA fighter have speed, stamina, strength, power, agility, and flexibility.  Fighting skills involve boxing, kickboxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling and numerous other martial art skills in order to have effective clinching ability, stand-up fighting as well as a superior ground game.

There is a significant amount of time increasing the fighter's strength and cardio endurance as well as diet recommendations as these are vital in order to perform in the octagon.   Impact Zone has coaches that are experienced MMA fighters that compete as amateurs and professionals.